Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red-footed Booby . British Indian Ocean Territory 2002

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The Postal Administration of British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) issued a souvenir sheet composed of 5 pieces stamps depicted the Red-footed Booby or Sula sula. The face value of each stamps are same, 50 p. Logo of Bird Life International marked on the top right corner of sheet.

The Red-footed Booby  or Sula sula is the smallest of all boobies. The size approximately are 70 centimetres in length and a wingspan of up to 1 metre.The other distinctive description are red legs, and bill include throat pouch are coloured pink and blue. 

The Red-footed Booby or Sula sula has several morphs. In the white morph the plumage is mostly white (the head often tinged yellowish) and the flight feathers are black. The brown morph is overall brown. The white-tailed brown morph is similar, but has a white belly, rump, and tail. The white-headed and white-tailed brown morph has a mostly white body, tail and head, and brown wings and back. The morphs commonly breed together, but in most regions one or two morphs predominates; e.g. at the Gal├ípagos Islands, most belong to the brown morph, though the white morph also occurs. ( Adopted from Wikipedia)

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  1. I really loved this miniature sheet with magnificent birds from Indian Ocean. This is a must-have item for every collector!
    James @ Men’s Shoes


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